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Beckmead School

Beckmead School caters for children from year 3 up to year 11 with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties and challenging behaviour. Opportunities for academic, sporting, vocational and social growth are offered throughout the school and are at the centre of a vibrant, multi-agency network that offers solutions and support to the pupils, their families and the communities they live in. The care and education offered by Beckmead ensures that the children who progress and graduate from the school have the skills and self-belief to look after themselves, care for others, gain long-term employment and lead adult lives that are happy, healthy and fulfilled.


If you BELIEVE, You can ACHIEVE!!

Beckmead Lower School (Years 3 – 7)

Here at Beckmead LS we aim to support and strengthen our pupils and their families by creating a safe, nurturing, educational environment, placing teamwork, consistency and community at the core of our practice. We aim to give our students the opportunity to learn socially and academically at their own pace, enabling them to achieve their full potential. Our aim is to equip the pupils with the skills and belief necessary for them becoming successful and active citizens in the wider community.


Creating positive futures

Beckmead Upper School (Years 8 – 11)

Our vision in the Upper School at Beckmead is to provide varied and creative learning opportunities for all our learners in a safe and nurturing environment so that they are equipped with skills for life. Our aim is to support all our young people in developing the social, practical and academic skills that they need to build their positive futures as responsible citizens. We hope to inspire a passion for learning, whether it’s in reading literature or plastering tiles, so that our young people, when they move on, never cease to grow.

Dean Monfries
Head of Beckmead Lower School

Michael Nelson
Head of Beckmead Upper School